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The Australian National University

Dr Andrew Glikson

Position: Visiting Fellow
College: ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences

1964-68 - Ph.D studies of early crustal evolution, University of Western Australia;

1968-96 - Research Scientist to Principal Research Scientist, Australian Geological Survey Organization; Geological surveys in central and western Australia, petrological and geochemical research of igneous and metamorphic rocks.

1998-2012 - Visiting Fellow, Australian National University; to 2010 - Research School of Earth Science: study of the effects of large asteroid impacts on crustal evolution with implications for early climates and mass extinction of species; 2008-2012 - School of Archaeology and Anthropology); Paleoclimate studies related to the effects of climate on pre-historic human evolution, including the mastery of fire.

2005-12 - communication of paleo-climate and climate change evidence.

2011 - Honorary Professor, Geothermal Energy Centre of Excellence, The University of Queensland; discovery and study of a large impact structure under the Cooper Basin, NE South Australia.

Recent publications:

Glikson, A.Y., 2008. Milestones in the evolution of the atmosphere with reference to climate change. Aust. J. Earth Sci. 55, 125 – 139.

Glikson, A.Y., 2007. Sea change: implications of the 4th IPCC report for 21st century climate change. The Aust. Geol., 143, 33-35.

Glikson, A.Y., 2008. Implications of abrupt atmospheric changes in the recent history of Earth for 21 st century climate projections. The Aust. Geol. 149, 16-18.

Glikson, A.Y., 2009. The Science of Climate Change. Climate Law, Chapter 2. LexisNexis Publishing. Editor: David Hodgkinson, The University of Western Australia.

Glikson, A.Y., 2010. Homo Sapiens, the Anthropocene Carbon Oxidation Event and the Shift in the State of the Atmosphere. J. Cos. 8, 15 pp.

Glikson, A.Y., 2010. The world at +4oC: Implications of Cainozoic Warm Periods. J. Cos. 8, 12 pp. 

Glikson, A.Y., 2010. Homo Sapiens And The Sixth Mass Extinction Of Species. The New Critic issue 11, 1-7 (University of Western Australia) March, 2010.

Glikson, A.Y., 2010. Discussion: climate model sensitivity to changes in Miocene paleotopography. Aust. J. Earth Sci. 57, 337–339.

Glikson, A.Y. 2011. The geological dimension of climate change. The Aust. Geol., June, 2011.

Glikson, A.Y. & Vickers, J., 2010. Asteroid impact connections of crustal evolution. Aust. J. Earth Sci. 57, 79–95.

Glikson, A.Y., Jablonski, D. & Westlake, S., 2010. Origin of the Mt Ashmore structural dome, west Bonaparte Basin, Timor Sea. Aust. J. Earth Sci. 57, 411-430.

Glikson, A.Y., 2010. Archaean impacts, banded iron formations and MIF-S anomalies: A discussion. Icarus, 207, 39–44

Links to climate change articles:

Projects In progress: 

A Fire Species: from the mastery of fire by prehistoric humans to climate change.

Trends and tipping points in the climate system: portents for the 21st century.

Geophysical anomalies and quartz microstructures, lower Paleozoic Warburton Basin, northeast South Austalia: tectonic deformation or asteroid impact?


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